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Your CVL Quote Is £4,500 + Vat

This price has no hidden fees,  just a simple liquidation & a fully inclusive redundancy claim!

If you don’t wish to claim redundancy, your CVL quote will be £3,500+vat

What Next ?

The Process Simplified

You can only enter a liquidation under the guidance of a licensed Insolvency Practitioner, and we will be on hand to give you practical and technical advice. We will also talk through any other possible options for the company with you and highlight any potential issues that may be faced in a liquidation.

Once you have decided that the Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is the appropriate process for your company, we have made the process as simple and stress-free as possible for directors:


We will send you our engagement letter and terms of business to you by email for e-signing, and this will set out the services and the costs involved.


To gather the information we require from you, we use an online portal that we will invite you to access, where you will find a list of all the information that we will need. You can easily and efficiently upload documents and add notes directly into our system for us to review


We have an experience team who deal with the onboarding process for all clients, and you will receive their contact details so that they may support you through the process by telephone or email and answer any questions that you have, as well as dealing with any third parties such as creditors or HMRC. 


We will need the names, addresses, reference numbers and amounts owed to all creditors, so that we can advise them of the company’s liquidation.


As your information is uploaded to the client portal, we will prepare the liquidation paperwork and agree a date with you for when the company will enter liquidation. The liquidation paperwork is sent to you for review and e-signing


The notices will be sent to the shareholders and creditors. The shareholders meeting and the notice to creditors are generally a formality, however we will be on hand in the unlikely event of anything requiring action or if you have any questions.


Once the company enters liquidation, our onboarding team will introduce you to one of our dedicated liquidations specialists who will manage your liquidation through to its closure


Once the company is in liquidation, we will notify HMRC, the company’s bank, all creditors and any other parties required ,including Companies House, and we will place the necessary adverts into the London Gazette.


We will deal with any company assets and arrange for these to be sold and any funds held for distributing in the statutory order of preference. 


Within three months of the company entering liquidation we will file our report on the liquidation with the government Insolvency Service. 


All assets will need to be sold and employee claims dealt with. Once we have completed this, we will know if creditors will receive any funds from the liquidation. If there are funds for creditors, we will agree their claims and make payments to creditors.


If there are no funds for creditors, the liquidation should be expected to be complete within around four to six months.


We will file the final report with Companies House to ensure the company is dissolved at the end of the process.



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